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Mirage Flooring – Nanolinx Premium Finish Hardwood Flooring

Carpet is over rated; at least that’s what any irritated housewife will tell you.  If you’re tired of stains on your carpet, and dealing with pet hair, take a look at Mirage Flooring.  Hardwood floors are a great way to fashionable decorate your house and take some of the stress out of your house cleaning duties.  With increasing allergies to dust and pet dander, give your family a healthy option in hardwood flooring and watch their allergies subside and your vacuum disappear.  Mirage Flooring offers a great line of hardwood floors that will make your carpet jealous.

Homerwood Flooring

Mannington Hardwood Flooring

Triangulo Flooring

There are so many choices for hardwood flooring, but there are many reasons to choose Mirage Flooring.  One of the leaders in the flooring industry, Mirage offers unmatched quality and value.  With specialists on hand that will help you determine what you need, how much you need, and what would be best in your home, you’ll be confident with your purchase.  On top of that, their team that actually creates the flooring has years upon years of experience.  Over the years, they have expanded and developed a quality line that they just keep improving upon.  Knowing that this purchase will last you longer than most cars, and will be something you’ll use every day, they strive to provide you with immeasurable quality.

Triangulo Engineered Flooring

Wicanders Cork Flooring

Kahrs Wood Flooring

Virginia Vintage Hickory Flintlock

Mirage Flooring has trademarked a few products that are unique just to them.  Their technologies that they have invented with their flooring are unmatched.  Their Nanolinx Premium line was developed more for storefronts, but now, it is available for all consumers.  If you have a very high traffic area, like your living room or kitchen, this is a great product for you.  The Nanolinx Premium is far more wear resistant than traditional products so you won’t ever have to worry about a fade.  The Nanolinx finish also gives you a hypoallergenic finish that is great for those with stuffy noses and sneezes.  With UV protector, your floor won’t fade, and with their elasticity, you won’t lose that great bounce.

Bruce Flooring

Armstrong Laminate Flooring

Shaw Laminate Flooring  

If you’re looking for superior quality and product, it’s time to look into Mirage Flooring.  This company leads the flooring industry with their unmatchable hardwood flooring line.  With a great staff that has dedicated themselves to bettering hardwood, you’ll have flooring that will last you for years, and look the same it did 25 years from now as when it was first installed.  Don’t skimp on your flooring, go for quality.

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Mohawk Laminate Flooring  


If you are looking for gorgeous flooring than Mohawk laminate flooring is an excellent choice. Not only is Mowhawk laminate flooring high quality, stunning and affordable but it comes in many different selections. Laminate flooring looks so close to real wood and it holds up amazingly.  


You have the choice of Mohawk Barrington laminate flooring. This flooring has the rich look of hickory or oak. You will also get the rustic look in a few different colors so it will match the décor and look you are trying to achieve.  


Another choice you have is the Mohawk Barchester Laminate Flooring. The floor color comes in blonde, mahogany, rosewood, and tigerwood. This particular flooring comes with the 25 year warranty to give you peace of mind.  


Want something a little different than the above choices? Than take a look at the Bellingham Laminate Flooring. This flooring comes in the look of maple, walnut, pine, and oak hardwood flooring.  


The Mohawk Carrolton Laminate Flooring comes in the styles of oak, cherry, maple, walnut and hickory. You will love how easy it is to maintain this and all of the laminate floorings.  


Having a dinner party? Impress your friends when you have one of the Mohawk Celebration Laminate Floors. You can select from the high quality of blonde acacia, tawny acacia, hailoom acacia, vineyard acacia, natural merbau and cognac merbau. Your Celebration Laminate Floors will clean up easily after all of your guests leave. Your floors will look like they did before all of the people were in your home.  


Mowhawk Cemento Laminate Flooring comes in three different colors. The color choice you have to choose from are warm green, umber and gray. One color is sure to match the décor of your lovely home.  


Mohawk Festivalle Laminate Flooring has a 20 year warranty like most of the other laminate floors. Festivalle Laminate Flooring comes in seven looks of cherry, walnut, maple, and oak.  


If you choose Mohawk Georgetown Laminate you will have a 25 year warranty on this particular flooring. This flooring also comes in the lovely look of oak, maple, cherry, merbau, rosewood, ebony, and teak.  


Another wonderful flooring option is the Mohawk Granada Laminate. This flooring comes in the look of stone. Perfect for a patio, sunroom or any room in your home you so desire.  


Mohawk Midland Laminate is a stunning flooring that looks like real wood. You will find the maple, merbau, rosewood, ebony and teak styles available for your choosing.  


Mohawk Marcina Laminate Flooring is wider than some of the other traditional laminate flooring. This lovely flooring looks most impressive in larger rooms in your home. You will find Marcina Laminate Flooring in the look of gently scraped cherry, maple, and hickory hardwood.  


Midland Laminate Flooring by Mohawk comes in four styles. The look of cherry, maple, oak and rosewood is available for your choosing. Any one of these looks is perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. 


You get a 25 year warranty with Mohawk Jasmine Laminate. You have five different styles and colors of the oak look to choose from for your home or business.  


Do you like the look of pine hardwood or merbau? If so, than Mohawk Grosvenor Square Laminate Flooring is the choice for you. There are six stunning floors to choose from.  


Whether you are replacing your current flooring or building a new home or business Mohawk Festivalle Laminate Flooring will add a rich look to your space. You have the choice of looks such as smooth and handscraped oak, handscraped ash or handscraped pecan.  


If you like the look of marble without the upkeep or cost than Mohawk Palazzo Laminate is what you are looking for. Enhance your home or business with the wealthy look of marble. You have four colors to choose from with the Mohawk Palazzo Laminate Floor line.  


Mohawk South Beach Laminate Flooring comes with a 25 year residential warranty. You will love its look in natural red or white oak, colors and country styles for any room in your house. 


Lastly, you have the Mohawk Veneto Laminate Collection to choose from. This collection looks like stone. You have three different tiles to choose from as far as color and style go.  

Enjoy the ease of upkeep of laminate flooring, the low price versus real wood as well as the beauty.

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